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Brian Burzynski

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Brian Burzynski, D.PSc., SRM has been practicing SRM® (Synergy Release Method®) therapeutic services since 2000. Known as the best kept secret in body structure and body functionality. He has taken his education in Quantum Engineering and Mechanics combined with 20 years of hands-on body alignment anatomy and physiology, to make the most sophisticated technologically advanced way to correct issues within a person’s body structure in minutes. His clinics motto is, “We want to see you once. Then we have the technology to correct yourself.” Most patients receive 80%+ improvements within one session, without a need to return.

Out of SRM birthed Intelligent Threads, the first ever quantum energy field textile which communicates to your muscular and skeletal system allowing your body structure to realign within seconds of contact to the material. Now with over 8,000 individuals for over 7 years and has been proven to improve overall body structure by over 60% within the first 2 mins of wear, decrease pain, improve sleep, regulate blood flow, and improve recovery. His body mechanics and technology have no comparison to anything currently available and taking human body technology 100+ years into the future.

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Dr Jill Carnahan

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Dr. Jill Carnahan, MD.,is a board-certified Integrative Holistic Medicine specialist, known as Your Functional Medicine Expert® and often referred to as the “Sherlock Holmes of Medicine,” for solving the case of the most well-known medical mysteries. Utilizing state-of-the-art lab testing and biochemical analysis, she helps each patient identify the root cause of their illness by identifying nutritional or metabolic imbalances that may be contributing to their symptoms.

Dr. Jill uses nutritional protocols and supplements, lifestyle changes, and medication to increase the patient’s level of function and always seeks the gentlest and least invasive way to restore health and optimize healing. As a survivor of breast cancer, Crohn’s disease, and toxic mold illness, Dr. Jill brings a unique perspective to treating a variety of complex and chronic illnesses and has traveled the world sharing her knowledge of hope, health, and healing. Her memoir, Unexpected, is out now.

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Jordan Chang

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Jordan Chang is a former college baseball player and athlete who is passionate about health and wellness. His background studies in Kinesiology strengthened his beliefs in the power of biohacking, and has led Jordan to find new ways to optimize his own physical and mental performance.

In 2022, Jordan joined The Dr. Joel Kaplan Company, a leader in sexual wellness, as a male enhancement coach and representative for their sexual health products.

Jordan dedicates his time to sharing knowledge and experiences with others to inspire and empower them on their own wellness journeys. He believes that biohacking is essential to sexual vitality and longevity. With a focus on noninvasive approaches to wellness, Jordan is committed to helping individuals achieve their full potential in all areas of life.

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Dr. Halland Chen

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Dr. Halland Chen, MD is a Double Board Certified physician specializing in natural ways for patients to heal faster and feel better. Dr. Halland has been featured on HBO, Forbes, and Elle and is an expert in longevity, NAD, stem cells, anti-aging and non-surgical options for pain relief and repairing injuries.

He is focused on peak performance, life extension and optimizing wellness by reducing inflammation, boosting the immune system and cellular detoxification by using Regenerative Medicine, Biohacking, and natural supplements. He applies his unique techniques and specialized testing for patients to address sports injuries, pain management conditions, longevity optimization and for high performance clients.

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Dr. Francisco Cidral

image of Dr Francisco Cidral

Naturopathic Doctor with Specialization in Chinese Medicine, Master’s and PhD in Neuroscience, and Post-Doctorate in Health Sciences. 
Co-founder and Associate Professor of the Laboratory of Experimental Neuroscience (Unisul University, Brazil).

Founder and CEO of Scientifica Consulting LLC and Co-founder and President of the Integrative Wellbeing Institute.
Chief Science Officer of Braintap.

Dr. Cidral has been working as a professor and researcher in the field of Integrative Practices for more than 15 years. Published author with more than 30 A1 scientific publications, author of books and book chapters, speaker in Scientific Conferences and Editorial Board member of various scientific Journals, Dr. Cidral is a major contributor to the field of Integrative and Complementary therapies, with emphasis on photobiomodulation. 

For the past decade Dr. Cidral has been working on scientific research and development of health and wellness devices, such as brainwave entrainment (, and low level light therapy (

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Helen Christoni

image of Helen Christoni

Helen Christoni is an accomplished Health & Wellness Expert, Educator, and seasoned executive with over two decades of experience across various businesses in the industry. Beyond her professional achievements, she is also a dedicated athlete and passionate runner, having conquered the challenging Boston Marathon five times and completed three 100 Mile Ultramarathons.

Helen’s true passion lies in connecting individuals with exceptional products through meaningful partnerships. With her diverse background and unwavering commitment to healthy living, she plays a vital role as the Vice President of Business Development & Partnerships at Ideal Living, the renowned manufacturer of AquaTru, AirDoctor, and AromaTru.
 At Ideal Living, the team firmly believes in Wellness Tech that serves a greater purpose, recognizing that access to pure air and clean water is a fundamental right for everyone. In her capacity, Helen oversees both education and partnerships, working diligently to empower individuals worldwide with knowledge about the significance of purified water in their households.

Through her efforts, Helen strives to raise awareness and foster understanding among people across the globe, emphasizing the importance of incorporating purified water, air and aromatherapy into their daily lives. Ideal Living’s commitment to innovation and Helen’s expertise ensure that the company continues to make a positive impact, providing essential resources for individuals to maintain a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

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Peter Crone

image of Peter Crone

Known as The Mind Architect, Peter devotes his life to sharing insights and strategies to awakening new levels of awareness. He works with the world’s greatest performers in sports, business, and entertainment, helping them to transcend primal limiting mental constructs. He introduces people to a new world of total freedom, peace, and vitality beyond all constraints and with it a profound sense of enhanced possibility, presence, and performance.

Featured in the popular Netflix documentary “Heal”, as well as one of the most listened to guests on over 100 podcasts, Peter is a writer, speaker, and thought leader in accessing greater human awakening and potential

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Jack Dell’Accio

image of Jack Dell'Accio

Founding Member of Mayo Clinic’s Well Living Lab | Health and Wellness Enthusiast | Sustainability and Chemical Free Advocate | Entrepreneur of the Year | Eco Citizen Award Recipient

Founder and CEO of Essentia, Jack also leads the company in its material science developments for the healthiest sleep outcomes.

Through the years leading Essentia Jack has worked directly with health gurus, professional athletes, and teams in the NBA, NFL, MLS, and over 25% of the NHL players on creating healthy sleep performance. Some of the greatest athletes have relied on Essentia for best recovery outcomes, these include Kevin Love, Sidney Crosby, Jonathan Toews, Matt Duchene, and Haley Wickenheiser to name a few.

In keeping with his vision on keeping Essentia at the forefront of sleep wellness, Jack has closely worked with globally renowned health leaders/gurus and interpreted their teachings in human sustainability and how they can apply to better sleep. Through the years Jack has established Essentia as the leading sleep wellness product and has to lead the space in truly restorative sleep. Those health gurus today use, endorse and recognize Essentia as the leading wellness mattress. They include wellness leaders such as Dr. Mark Hyman, Dave Asprey, Deepak Chopra, Ben Greenfield, Brian Clement, Andy O’Brien, Dr. Frank Lipman, Delos (The founders of the Well Health Safety Rating & Stay Well Properties), Dr. Jace Provo, and many more.

Through Jack’s involvement with Mayo Clinic’s Well Living Lab, Essentia has also focused on healthy sleep during travel and is a key health feature in Stay Well rooms in hotels such as the Four Seasons, Marriott’s, MGM Resorts, and many more.

Recognized by several internationally renowned institutions for creating the healthiest sleep environment, Essentia has been rated #1 for 6 consecutive years on Consumer Reports including 2021. Essentia is also the only approved mattress by the Hippocrates Health Institute.

Jack strives for balance and his ambition for Essentia’s growth includes growth for the people at Essentia, thoughtfully designed products and processes, and the wellness of both Essentia clients and our communities.

In response to the impacts that Covid-19’s impact on our communities, Jack repositioned Essentia’s altruistic Betterhood Program which now focuses on donating mattresses, foundations, and pillows to local charities with a focus on charities that can help spread wellness through sleep with a donation goal of over $1.2 million worth of products throughout the year. This includes charities that help families impacted by natural disasters, job loss, and other issues highlighted by COVID-19 such as women and children in abusive environments and those suffering from depression.


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Christian Drapeau

image of Christian Drapeau

Christian holds a Neurophysiology degree from McGill University. He is the author of several scientific articles in the fieldsof epileptogenesis and stem cell research,where he created a new therapeutic approach called “Endogenous Stem Cell Mobilization”. He isthe author of the best-selling book “Cracking the Stem Cell Code”, he created the concept of “stem cell enhancement” and developed the first plant-based product supporting the role of stem cells in the body. He is the founder and CEO for Kalyagen, where he formulated the stem cell supplement STEMREGEN.

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Bo Eason

image of Bo Eason

Former NFL All-Pro. Actor. Playwright. Speaker. Leadership Trainer. National Bestselling Author.

Bo Eason started his career in the NFL as a top pick for the Houston Oilers. Continuing on with the San Francisco 49ers, during his 5-year career Bo competed beside and against some of the greatest players of his generation. After his football career ended, he branched out into acting and wrote a one-man play called Runt of the Litter that went to Broadway. Now, as a speaker and leadership coach, he trains some of the most successful people in the world—athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, C-suite execs—on how to communicate for maximum impact and success. His book, There’s No Plan B for Your A-Game, Be the Best in the World at What You Do, is a NATIONAL BESTSELLER! The book debuted on the USA Today, Wall Street Journal and Publishers Weekly bestseller lists and was named one of the 4 Hottest New Books of Fall 2019 by Inc. Magazine!