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Dr. Barry Morguelan

Dr B was a UCLA trained, highly respected, endoscopic surgeon and gastroenterologist when he began his search for alternative forms of healing that would complement his western medicine practice based in Los Angeles. What he really wanted to find was a way to empower his clients to heal themselves before they ever got sick or needed surgery or medication. His seven-year quest led him 130,000 miles around the world where he learned a variety of healing traditions, all with great benefits, but they were not the powerful, comprehensive or accessible modality that he was seeking.

Dr B eventually made his way to mainland China, where high on a secluded mountain top, he met the Grand Master of an ancient Energy discipline which for 5,000 years had only been taught to the emperor and his inner circle. This secret discipline held the knowledge on how to harness the power of “source energy” or “chi”, not only for healing, but for accomplishing all of one’s mental, emotional, and physical goals.  This energy is the foundation for more familiar practices using chi-energy, such as Tai-Chi, Kung-Fu and the incredible feats of the Shaolin monks.

Dr B undertook the Master’s rigorous and dangerous individual training process to learn how to harness this energy. After many years, he brought these practices back to the U.S. and developed treatments and educational programs that help people live more full and complete lives.  And while he has helped high achievers such as Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Dave Asprey, Ben Greenfield, Olympic and professional athletes, musicians, movie stars, heads of state and playwrights, surpass their previous performance limits, his broader goal is helping each one of us to understand and realize our full potential to heal themselves, and yes, be our own guru.

Dr B is now one of a small group of living masters of this energy discipline that exist in the world.  Teaching these ancient practices to students around the world is his life work and the path to achieving his personal vision of world peace.  He founded “Energy for Success” to achieve this vision, and has an incredible team helping him on this journey.