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Robert Hariri, MD, PhD

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Robert Hariri, MD PhD Dr. Bob Hariri is an accomplished surgeon, biomedical scientist, and serial entrepreneur in two technology sectors, biomedicine and aerospace. He is the chairperson, founder, and chief executive officer of Celularity, Inc., one of the world’s leading human cellular therapeutics companies. Dr. Hariri pioneered the use of stem cells to treat a range of life-threatening human diseases and continues today to make transformative contributions in the fields of immuno-oncology  and cell therapeutics along with tissue engineering and functional regeneration. He is widely acknowledged for his discovery of pluripotent stem cells derived from the human placenta, and as a member of the team that discovered the physiological activities of tumor necrosis factor(TNF). Dr. Hariri and his team of scientists were the first to obtain FDA approval to use its cryo preserved allogeneic, off-the-shelf Natural Killer (NK) cell therapy to treat COVID-19infected adults. He has authored over 150 published chapters, articles, and abstracts. When he is not in the laboratory or the corporate boardroom, Dr. Hariri is a jet-rated commercial pilot with thousands of hours of flight time in over 60 different military and civilian aircraft. He has also produced several feature films, as well as documentaries on global societal issues