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Dr. Jeremy Stich

Dr. Stich is the Lead Clinician and Chief Medical Officer at Ammortal. He completed medical school at the University of Kentucky, is licensed in all fifty states and has practiced Emergency Medicine for the past 11 years. He was compelled to pursue a higher understanding of physiology, epigenetics and bioenergetics after being challenged by personal and family illnesses. His quest for a deeper understanding of the human body has established him as a leader in integrative, BioEnergetic and BioPlasmic medicine.

He founded several Direct Care clinics and is a co-founder of Wild Health, a world-renowned personalized genomic medicine company. He is a Quantum Key® Reiki Master and is trained in Meridian Regulatory Acupuncture ® and a fellow of the American Board of Acupuncture Medicine.

Jeremy Stich
Author: Jeremy Stich