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Ernesto Prieto Gratacós

Ernesto Prieto Gratacós is an independent scientist and writer engaged in transdisciplinary research and scientific-technical outreach in various fields, including medical anthropology, tumor biology, neurolinguistics and biomathematics. For more than three decades his work has been focused on the development of multi-ordinal systems for the treatment of cancer, neuro-degenerative diseases, immunological conditions and other complex pathologies.

Prieto Gratacós is an active member of several scientific collaboration communities such as SESAP, Institute For Scientific Freedom, AAAS, ISOM. His research lab is the originator of the CISA (Competitive Inhibition by Structural Analogs) system employed in the metabolic treatment of solid tumors, as well as several clinical biochemistry algorithms (NeoAnalytica™, BioMath™, COGNITIVA™, for ultra-early detection of cancer, and biological optimization and cognitive enhancement, respectively.

In the field of high performance, during the Rio 2016 Olympic cycle, he led the Radical Human Performance™ program, sponsored by the Argentinian Olympic Committee ENARD. His team has designed customized coaching programs for hundreds of elite individuals.