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Heather Fantin

Heather Fantin is Lead Facilitator at 40 Years of Zen. For two and half decades, Heather has intensely studied holistic healing and deep inner work from spiritual leaders and teachers around the world.Her combined experience as a Transformational Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner and Wellness Expert allows her to bring her unique and intuitive expertise to help guide the clients who come through the programs at 40 Years of Zen.

Her personal experience of a profound spiritual awakening and subsequent healing inspired her to create healing journeys for others, and for the first ten years of her career she worked as a somatic practitioner, designing bespoke holistic healing concepts for spas worldwide. After extensive training in various methods of inner work, she returned to the US in 2012 to offer her time-honed methods of transformation.

Her entire career has been devoted to the path of awakening and being of service to the healing of humanity. Heather’s ongoing passion for all things brain and nervous system related and living an Upgraded Life, makes her the perfect fit at 40 Years of Zen.

Heather Fantin
Author: Heather Fantin