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Keynote Speaker

Vera Mulyani

Vera Mulyani is an innovational entrepreneur, visionary architect, and professor of adaptability who teaches systems engineering at Loyola Marymount University.

As a multi-disciplinary designer of sustainability systems for off-world missions, Vera’s prime objective is to thoroughly prepare future generations for the rigors of life on Mars.  Thus, she created the conceptual-simulation platform Mars City Design in order to unite professional astro-engineers and enable them to mobilize, synergize, and actualize the many interconnected ideas, technologies, and modus operandi necessary for humans to successfully abide on planetary bodies beyond Earth.

Persisting as a celestial pioneer, Vera’s solutions have been adopted by various tech companies as well as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).  And, she has appeared and shared her vision on multiple media outlets such as CNN and the Discovery Channel.

In partnership with an ingenious team of Japanese scientists, and accompanied by the creator of NASA GeneLab and a top Michelin Chef, Vera recently launched Astrobiome, Inc. (Nov. 2022) at the University of Tokyo in order to deliver the world’s most advanced broad-spectrum metabolite complex to both the space industry and the world at large.

This profound and completely natural microbiome modulation technology (for humans and plants alike), along with Vera’s relentless dedication to task, has granted for Astrobiome, Inc. recognition as one of fourteen *Deep Dive* projects selected for excellence in food security by the Business in Space Growth Network’s (BSGN) AgriFood Community (Jan. 2023), veneration as NutraIngredients “most innovative” *Start-up of the Year* (Mar. 2023), and permanent standing among the European Space Agency’s (ESA) *Space Impact Hall of Fame* (May 2023).

Today, Vera continues her efforts on all previously mentioned fronts, so that ultimately those lessons, orientations, and technologies garnered from arduous off-world missions can definitively lead to the eventual resolution of Earth’s most daunting challenges.

Vera Mulyani
Author: Vera Mulyani