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Anar Isman

Anar is the founder and CEO of AgelessRx, a telehealth start-up with a focus on longevity launched in 2020. Ageless mission is to help people enjoy millions of extra healthy years, enabling them to continue pursuing their passions and spending time with loved ones. 

As a trusted, data-driven longevity platform, AgelessRx develops and delivers the best longevity solutions to their clients.

Before founding AgelessRx, Anar held executive positions at several world-class investment management firms, overseeing hundreds of millions of dollars of investments, and serving as an advisor to multiple public company CEOs,.
In his free time, Anar enjoys playing beach volleyball and practicing krav maga, a self-defense system developed by the Israeli Defense Forces.

Anar is driven by a deep passion for improving the lives of millions of people worldwide. His ultimate goal is to impact hundreds of millions of people by accelerating the adoption of the Longevity mindset and providing a trusted platform that empowers every person to increase their healthspan.

Anar Isman
Author: Anar Isman