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Frank Elaridi

Frank Elaridi is the creator and host of the Quite Frankly podcast (YouTube, Spotify, Apple), taking spirituality out of the realm of the esoteric and bringing it to everyday life. Frank is joined by thought leaders, spiritual masters, and celebrities who share their stories of personal growth and offer practical insights to help listeners transform their lives. With real and raw conversations that inspire and empower, “Quite Frankly” is making podcasts relatable again.

Covering everything from Syrian refugee camps to the Academy Awards, Frank Elaridi is a 4-time Emmy-Award-Winning Journalist who became a highly-sought-after celebrity healer with an emphasis on clearing trapped emotions and subconscious blocks that keep people stuck in old patterns and separate from the careers, relationships and health they say they want.

His YouTube channel (40 million views / 150,000 subscribers) is centered around wellness and spirituality. At viewers can learn about people who have activated their pineal gland or “third eye” and can still see even when completely blindfolded, watch the “real-life Thor” taking a DNA test, follow along some of Frank’s own experiences with plant medicines like ayahuasca, learn about stem cell treatments, and go on adventures like the time he and his friends destroyed the things they were attached to!

Frank Elaridi is the co-author of the Modern Nirvana Oracle Deck published by Chronicle Books. A sensory experience inspired by avant-garde ’80s fashion, The Modern Nirvana Oracle Deck includes a guidebook and 50 beautifully illustrated cards. Each card provides an inspiring quote, ageless wisdom for our modern lives, breathwork and meditations, and a mantra designed to further activate the intentions within the cards.

Frank Elaridi
Author: Frank Elaridi