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Jet Eveleth

Jet Eveleth is an artist and practitioner of Chinese medicine. She runs workshops and experiences that blend her years as a performer with her studies of Taoist medicine. She created and performed a role in the cirque show Absinthe, called the greatest show in Vegas history by Las Vegas Weekly. The Huffington Post described the show as “Risqué, dangerous and mind-altering… It is poetic, beautiful, inspiring and insulting.”

Jet toured with The Second City and was the former artistic director of the Chicago Improv Festival. She taught physical theater and clown at Columbia College and Mount Saint Mary’s University. She studied breathwork, meditation and cold immersion with the Ice Man Wim Hof and has studied with Eckhart Tolle at the School of the Awakening. She has received a Masters in Interdisciplinary Arts, a Masters in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a Doctorate in Integrative Medicine.

Jet Eveleth
Author: Jet Eveleth