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Dr. Matias Albizatti

Dr. Albizzati is a medical specialist in sports medicine and orthomolecular medicine. He is a pioneer in creating a research laboratory on oxidative stress in human pathologies, which has been essential in expanding the understanding of orthomolecular approaches and their application in chronic diseases and sports performance.

As a specialist in the field of measuring oxidative stress, Dr. Albizzati understands the importance of maintaining a proper balance between antioxidants and free radicals in the body to decrease cellular damage and promote health. He uses his research and knowledge in this field to develop treatments that focus on reactivating the body’s natural antioxidant system.

His treatments are based on the administration of nutrients and antioxidants in optimal doses, personalized to the individual needs of each patient. He has been invited to give lectures and presentations at national and international scientific events, as well as to leaders of major world companies. His expertise and knowledge are highly valued for his ability to help promote health and performance both in the health and business fields.

Dr. Albizzati is the first doctor to apply oxidative stress research in personalized intravenous treatments. His Orthomolecular Medicine Center has carried out thousands of personalized intravenous applications based on biomarker analysis results and has significantly improved the quality of life of many patients with chronic diseases.