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Florencia Raele

Dr. Florencia Raele is a highly accomplished professional in the field of nutrition and functional medicine in Argentina . After graduating from CEMIC Medicine School she earned her master’s degree in nutrition and psychoneuroinmunoendocrinology. She also became a Health, nutrition and sports coach. She is recognized as the first functional medicine practitioner in Argentina certified by the Institute of Functional Medicine(IFM), and her expertise in this area led her to be a recognized social media influencer , helping others to achieve healthy habits in a daily basis.

Apart from her exceptional medical knowledge, Dr. Raele is also a prolific writer, having authored three best-selling books on nutrition and health (Holístic Nutrition, Ancestral Medicine and Preventive medicine by planeta). Her dedication to promoting healthy living has also led her to establish a chain of healthy food stores across South America and Europe (, as well as a natural cosmetics brand that is popular with health-conscious consumers.

Dr. Raele’s entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to health and wellness have made her a respected figure in the industry, and her contributions have helped to educate and inspire countless individuals to lead healthier and happier lives.