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Greg Shindler

Holding the helm of the world’s most advanced longevity clinic and stem cell lab, The Regenerative Medicine Institute, Greg Shindler’s prowess, and expertise have led RMI to set the global standard in patient experience and outcomes. With over two decades of executive leadership and business acumen, Greg is a master at executing effective strategies, shaping visions, driving sales and marketing, building teams and culture, and enhancing brand recognition.

Years of experience in cellular therapies for orthopedics, longevity, cognition, and immune function have given him a unique perspective on the potential of regenerative therapies to revolutionize health and wellness globally. Driven by a fervent desire to change the way humanity experiences the aging process, Greg’s work represents the forefront of human potential and the limitless possibilities of pursuing optimal health and well-being.

Greg Shindler
Author: Greg Shindler