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Jewels Arnes

With over 30 years in Vibrational Healing and multiple accreditations, Jewels’ developed her Super Power of Tracing energy patterns to find the beliefs or programs that keep us in the cycle of aging and disease. As the founder and creator of DECU Universe, a school of ascension through the DECU, OMcodes Methods and Breaking Quantum Physics lecture series, Jewels spends her time living her passion in reaching 100% human potential, while supporting others to make measurable changes in their life, body, and consciousness..

Jewels has also created the EvoStar Quantum App, Evolution Skin Care Technology, and Scalar Cosmetic Line, bringing cutting-edge innovative products to those stepping into intentional molecular creation.

Developing a delivery system for people to receive the elements that are advancing the DNA, Jewels started her journey into creating outside molecular structures. This then evolved into a revolutionary method to not only support cells to move beyond limiting beliefs but give people the power to heal themselves. Wanting to bring about groundbreaking changes in cellular intelligence, Jewels focuses on creating the NEW Human by teaching her Step by Step methods, to those who feel the calling to enhance the human experience.

She finds that unity, oneness and uplifting others is the pathway to creating a NEW Earth. As the platform evolves all who choose to be a part of this beautiful collaboration tap into a frequency that is undeniable! Jewels is dedicated to bringing in the energy sequences needed to raise the frequency of the human experience one cell at a Time.

Jewels Arnes
Author: Jewels Arnes